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    I worked 40 long years at a physical job. I worked at GE. Im currently 60 years old. I suffer from chronic arthritis pain and bone spurs in my shoulder that cause moderate to severe pain. I drank alcohol heavily and ruined relationships with my family and others because my alcohol use, stress, and pain of working 12-14 hour shifts. My son Elliott Raydo has told me about this plant called kratom. I started using it and found that my depression has been alleviated significantly, as well as my agitation, anxiety and anger. I feel like a much nicer person and my family is beginning to accept me more after the damage I’ve done in the past. I now can relax at the end of the day pain free and depression/anxiety free. This plant has done amazing things in my life. It has saved my sons life, which he has also commented on during the comment period. The last 13 months of my life have been great, i feel much healthier now that i do not drink as much and exercise every morning for about 2 hours. I strongly urge the DEA and FDA to do clinical trials to do research on the medicinal value of this plant. It has so many different uses I’ve found to be very real and very true from me and my families use of this herb. As long as this plant is used responsibly and people are educated about the plant, i dont see why this shouldn’t become an official supplement and medicine excepted by FDA. God Bless.

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